Monday, July 19, 2010

another way to procrastinate.

i battled through the reasons on why
i should/shouldn't make a blog.

should: to update family and friends back in alabama on what is going on with my life in utah. get a feeling of actually being semi-productive (hours of facebook creeping doesn't have this reward). writing in a handwritten journal = i fail. i constantly have stuff on my mind, this can be my place to store it. creeping other people's blogs is something i enjoy, maybe someone will enjoy mine too. i love looking back and reading the old journals i did write in. overall, i just really want one!

shouldn't: full-time student. writing is not my strength. i'm the world's biggest procrastinator, this will only make it worse. a job is something i should look into getting. my venting sprees probably should not be public. the gym is where i should waste my time, not online. people that might not know me well will eventually realize i'm really goofy. i am awful at sticking with this kind of thing. and honestly, my life is kind of boring.

but obviously, the "shoulds" beat out the "shouldn'ts"
and here is the blog of a southern girl living in a western world.


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