Monday, May 5, 2014


In August, I am going to be teaching for my first year.
I will have 35 sweet 5th graders to teach every day.
These sweet kids live in a high poverty area;
therefore, I want to help make school wonderful for them.

I have created a project using donors' choose to help get supplies
to start using interactive notebooks with my sweet students.

For the next 6 days, donors' choose has given me a promo code.
They will match any donation dollar-for-dollar.
So, if you donate $10. They'll donate $10 too.

Any little bit can help, so if you'd like to be a part of helping these students
then click the link below. Donate however much you'd like. & be sure to
include the promo code 100WOMEN, so they'll match your donation.

I can't thank you enough for your support!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

this man's videos are perfection.

his ability to share his testimony of the Lord
in such a creative way is amazing to me.

he gives me hope that there are good guys
out there still that have a relationship with the Lord
and actually practice what they preach.

i had previously seen the sexual healing video
when it only had about 200 views,
which led me to watch his other videos too.

i love that they have so many views now!

i've posted the sexual healing video on facebook
and twitter when i first saw it, and forget to share
it with the blog world.

i hope y'all love them as much as i do.

you can check out his other videos

and you can tweet him to tell him how awesome his videos are.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

wishin' i was in nawlins.

the national championship game is tomorrow
in good old NOLA, and oh what i'd give to be there.

i'm a die hard auburn fan,
but that doesn't matter..
if i could, i'd be there in a heartbeat.

yes, i posted that picture.
only because bama fans last year posted this -

i'm really having a hard time deciding on if i want bama or LSU to win.

if you're from the south, you know auburn and bama are HUGE rivals.
so, i feel i should go with LSU.. because i have family down in NOLA.
yet, it'd also be cool to keep the national championship in the state this year too.
so, i'm a little stumped.

i guess we'll see who i root for once the game gets going,
and whether or not my family (alabama fans!) are being obnoxious.

either way,
my auburn tigers are still the national champions..
for one more day!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

first job jitters

i start my first job tomorrow.
i've worked at my step family's golf course, 
but that doesn't really count.

it's a tanning job,
so most people are going to be like psh..
but y'all my anxiety is in full swing.


my brother is such a cutie-pie.
when i went to interview, i was just as nervous.
(it's the anxiety disorder)
and my sweet little brother said,
"mal, they would be dumb not to hire you.
you're the tannest person they'll ever get."
i love him.

i'm hoping my good genes and nice tan
will convince people that i know what i'm doing.

i'll give you the run down tomorrow of how it goes.

side note:
i still haven't decided upon resolutions or a bucket list..
i'll decide tomorrow and post two of them.
deal? deal.

new year resolution #1

i've still yet to decide whether i want to do "new year's resolutions"
or a bucket list for the year that will help me cross off things from my main bucket list.

however, while i am in the deciding period.
i figured i'd still share with y'all something that fits into both topics
that i plan on fulfilling this year.

on my main bucket list is to read all the works in the LDS scriptures
(book of mormon, doctrine & covenants, old testament, new testament)

this is something i truly want to accomplish.
i know that it will help me draw immensely closer to the Lord
as well as help me become much more knowledgable.

"we are counseled and urged to read the four standar works from
beginning to end. you could hardly use your time to more advantage."
- elder boyd k. packer

if one of the twelve apostles says to do it,
then you can't go wrong.

so, this is resolution/bucket list item one for this year.

luckily, my friend derrick is doing it too.
(& whit may be doing it with us?)
that way, i'm going to be accountable to stick with it.

to boost our success rate,
i made schedules that tell what to read..
so, that we can stay on track and get finished.

if you want to join in on the fun, feel free to..
and let me know if you are,
the more to be held accountable to, the better.

if you aren't mormon,
just skip the book of mormon and d&c
(unless you want to read awesome stuff! :])
and just do the new and old testaments,
or whatever floats your boat.

here's the schedules:


(if for some reason you can't click on those and enlarge them enough
to print them, then let me know and i can send you them via email.)

good luck if you choose to join in on the fun!