Thursday, January 12, 2012

this man's videos are perfection.

his ability to share his testimony of the Lord
in such a creative way is amazing to me.

he gives me hope that there are good guys
out there still that have a relationship with the Lord
and actually practice what they preach.

i had previously seen the sexual healing video
when it only had about 200 views,
which led me to watch his other videos too.

i love that they have so many views now!

i've posted the sexual healing video on facebook
and twitter when i first saw it, and forget to share
it with the blog world.

i hope y'all love them as much as i do.

you can check out his other videos

and you can tweet him to tell him how awesome his videos are.


The Sweet Life said...

He is amazing!! THanks for sharing!

Barefoot and Preppy said...

a family member just recently showed me these! they're so so so great!

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