Tuesday, January 3, 2012

new year resolution #1

i've still yet to decide whether i want to do "new year's resolutions"
or a bucket list for the year that will help me cross off things from my main bucket list.

however, while i am in the deciding period.
i figured i'd still share with y'all something that fits into both topics
that i plan on fulfilling this year.

on my main bucket list is to read all the works in the LDS scriptures
(book of mormon, doctrine & covenants, old testament, new testament)

this is something i truly want to accomplish.
i know that it will help me draw immensely closer to the Lord
as well as help me become much more knowledgable.

"we are counseled and urged to read the four standar works from
beginning to end. you could hardly use your time to more advantage."
- elder boyd k. packer

if one of the twelve apostles says to do it,
then you can't go wrong.

so, this is resolution/bucket list item one for this year.

luckily, my friend derrick is doing it too.
(& whit may be doing it with us?)
that way, i'm going to be accountable to stick with it.

to boost our success rate,
i made schedules that tell what to read..
so, that we can stay on track and get finished.

if you want to join in on the fun, feel free to..
and let me know if you are,
the more to be held accountable to, the better.

if you aren't mormon,
just skip the book of mormon and d&c
(unless you want to read awesome stuff! :])
and just do the new and old testaments,
or whatever floats your boat.

here's the schedules:


(if for some reason you can't click on those and enlarge them enough
to print them, then let me know and i can send you them via email.)

good luck if you choose to join in on the fun!


Brett said...

Oh I am so in! What a great goal! Mine was just to do the Book Of Mormon but what is stopping me from going all out?! Adorable reading logs! Could you send them to me? {brettbeauty@netzero.com} Thank you so much!

Jennie Smithson said...

okay, you are AMAZING. good luck!! those charts are so cute and you are seriously wonder woman for having this goal! you're so going to be a YW president one day! ;)

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