Sunday, January 8, 2012

wishin' i was in nawlins.

the national championship game is tomorrow
in good old NOLA, and oh what i'd give to be there.

i'm a die hard auburn fan,
but that doesn't matter..
if i could, i'd be there in a heartbeat.

yes, i posted that picture.
only because bama fans last year posted this -

i'm really having a hard time deciding on if i want bama or LSU to win.

if you're from the south, you know auburn and bama are HUGE rivals.
so, i feel i should go with LSU.. because i have family down in NOLA.
yet, it'd also be cool to keep the national championship in the state this year too.
so, i'm a little stumped.

i guess we'll see who i root for once the game gets going,
and whether or not my family (alabama fans!) are being obnoxious.

either way,
my auburn tigers are still the national champions..
for one more day!



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