Sunday, August 15, 2010

haven't met you yet.

first off -
i'm confused as to how michael buble hasn't met someone yet,
because i know that i'd snatch him up in a heartbeat
and i'm sure a good percent of the female population would too.

but anyways,
this song is practically the theme song of my love life!

"i'm not suprised, not everything lasts
i've broken my heart so many times, i've stopped keeping track.
talk myself in, i talk myself out.
i get all worked up, then le
t myself down"

he seriously snuck a peek in my journal or
listened in on a conversation to my best friend,
because this is practically something straight out of my mouth.

when it comes to relationships, i don't really expect them to last.
i start off really liking them a lot,
but as it goes - i just  try to see how it'll end.
which is pretty pessimistic.. huh?
i guess i'm just sick of things going smoothly
and then stuff not turning out how i hoped.
so, i've gotten to the point that i do
"talk myself in and talk myself out" of liking a guy.
because i feel that in the end i'll get let down anyways.

but mr.buble, you have given me a new outlook!
which i would like to thank you greatly for..

"i might have to wait, i'll never give up.
i guess it's half timing, and the other half's luck.
wherever you are, whenever it's right
you'll come out of nowhere and into my life."

like, michael (we're on first name basis ;]) says in the song..
i might have to wait, but i won't ever give up.
why don't i mind waiting?
because i know that Heavenly Father
has some guy out there that is perfect for me.
i don't know if i'd say that it's half timing and half luck.
i think it's all about timing!
whenever it's right for him to show up in my life,
that's when Heavenly Father will have it happen.
my future hubby will come out of nowhere and into my life.

sometimes it's slightly depressing to go anywhere in utah,
or even check my facebook and blogs i read.
it seems like EVERYONE is engaged or marries nowadays.
but nope, not me.
i don't even have a boyfriend,
so i won't be engaged or married anytime soon.

i've come to accept it, though.
i'm honestly not unhappy to be single.
there's too many people out there that feel they need someone.
i know i don't need someone to be happy.
i'm just kinda ready to meet my mr.right!

hey, for all i know
it could be michael buble..
get him converted, married in the temple,
have an adorable little family,
make him sing me a song everyday.
oh, now it makes sense
why neither of us have met the right person yet.


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