Saturday, October 2, 2010

family time.

brooke and rainer came in town yesterday!

i hadn't seen them since last october,
when we were in vegas and stayed with them.

so, it was good to have them here..
and hey, more family in town is an automatic plus.

we inhaled our body weight in pancakes at ihop,
and a balloon guy made us hats and swords.

we laughed until we were in tears while goofing off at target.
*sitting in the middle of the parking spot in the "invisible car"..
"can you help me jump start my car?" "YOU HIT MY CAR!"
* look at that.. and that. it must be a utah thing!
*are my glasses tinted now that i'm in the sun?
* i love my bike.. pedal, pedal, pedal.
* may jay jay ray ray.

they went to trafalga while stac and i watched reag.

the boys went to priesthood and the girls just hung out,
i watched gossip girl and one tree hill.. OTH = cried HARD.

then we met at cafe rio, along with the rest of utah's priesthood.

now jace, brooke, rainer, and i are watching the killers,
i'll be lucky if i can keep my eyes open through the whole thing.


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