Saturday, October 16, 2010

my life is pretty plain.

all i can say is that
my life is pretty plain.

that phrase has two significant meanings to me:
1. my life is honestly pretty plain; therefore, my choices of what to write about getting pretty slim sometimes.
2. it happens to be part of the lyrics to "no rain" by blind melon.. 

i am going to base this post upon the latter significance, because y'all could really careless how boring my life is.. right? so, yeah..

i LOVED this song when i was like four..
i mean, seriously adored it! apparently my parents, well - probably my daddy, played it and for some reason i was hooked.

i would play it and dance on the table to it.. over and over.

i hadn't heard this song in pretty much forever, but ever since i thought of the phrase, my life is pretty plain, i have had this song on repeat.

however, i have not been dancing on the table in a bee costume like i was four years old again.. but don't get me wrong, i am fully tempted to.

but anyways, that's my flashback from the past.. happy saturday, y'all!


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