Monday, October 4, 2010

rainy day.

not even going to lie, i love rainy days.
that is, as long as they don't mess up my plans.

today, no plans were messed up.
so - i fully enjoyed the rainy weather.

me and some boys in my math class watched out the window
at all the people in the parking lot going to their cars in the rain!
some walked, some jogged, some seriously ran, and some fell.
people watching in the rain is one of my new favorite things.

today was a wonderful day,
and it being rainy made it that much better.

my only complaint is that i couldn't be in bed while it rained.
i sleep THE VERY BEST when it's pouring down rain outside.
it's one of the only things that puts me to sleep fast (except back rubs).

i really love when it rains all night and into the next morning,
and i can sleep in until late in the afternoon when it finally stops.

oh, talking about this is making me even more sleepy.
however, it's not raining outside anymore.
so, i'll just have to settle for my fake rain app again tonight.


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