Wednesday, November 3, 2010

curiosity killed the cat.

have you ever read, seen, or heard
something that you wish you hadn't?
and as soon as you read/see/hear it..
you close your eyes and pretend it didn't happen,
even though now it's permanently on your mind?

welcome to my DAILY life!

because it was one thing after another..
i wanted to crawl into a ball and bawl!

and i'd want you to feel bad for me
IF i wasn't the cause of my own agony.
but i'm totally to blame,
i put myself in a situation to get upset..
so, i don't expect sympathy.

empathy would be nice, though.
so i know i'm not the ONLY one
that this happens to.

but anyways,
to explain how it's my fault -
i just need to be 110% honest
and say that i'm a pro at stalking!

i mean,
if i didn't want to be a kindergarten teacher SO bad..
the CIA or something would have my name written all over it!

 if you need to know something about someone,
chances are - i can find out for you!
just from a little internet stalking.

oh, to clear this up -
when i say stalking..
i'm not getting my car
and hiding outside people's windows.
i'm using the friendly
world wide web!

i'm not trying to justify it..
i understand how creepy this makes me sound,
but i honestly mean nothing weird of it..
curiosity and too much time is what i blame it on!

but it's getting bad and i need to stop it..
not even because how creepy it makes me sound.
(even though, that should be my reason)
but because i've gotten TOO good!

i mean, not to be cocky or anything.
(not that most people would brag about their stalking skills,
nor find it something "to get cocky" about..)
if you know me well,
then you know how good i am.
oh, and
if you don't know me well,
then please don't let it scare you off.

if anything,
let me help you.
hahaha, no..
i have to stop or i would love to help!

i mean,
it's alright when it's for other people,
which i'm asked to find stuff for people
on a daily basis..
BUT when it has to deal with my feelings
it makes me sick!

which is what occurred
MULTIPLE times today.

so, stalking skills.
i don't want you anymore!
my soul can't take it.
go find a new partner in crime.
okay, thanks!


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