Tuesday, November 30, 2010

gonna' be a good day.

here's why:
- these are new, and i refuse to let them come off my feet.
- a lot of this delicious substance in a mug with the beatles on it.
- tonight, my man + my favorite show = tahhdahhh.
- too much of this to do, but plan to take a break to skype with him.
- later on, i might skype with this stud muffin too.
- two christmas cds have been ordered - his and hers.
- these bombshells are on tv tonight for an extravagant show.
that is outside, but i can stay in bed to look at it instead of driving in it.
- only one day until this pure bliss starts.

if anything else happens that makes it great, i'll let y'all know.
i hope you're gonna' have a good day too!


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