Friday, November 12, 2010


when i was little:
1. i used to watch this show.. religiously.

2. i wanted to be the pink power ranger
(so badly that i'd scream pterodactyl when it
was morphin' time.. i was lame, obviously!)

3. i thought the white power ranger was SO cute!

4. i was absolutely terrified of zordon,
yano.. the creepy head on the screen that
they always talked to.

why did i begin thinking of power rangers at 1 am?
yeah, well -  i don't have an answer for that!
but at least it gave y'all a blast from our past..


Jennie Smithson said...

I was so the pink power ranger for halloween when I was little =D danny was the yellow one because there weren't any more boy colors. hahahahaha. and um, I loved the white ranger too!

Brooke Shoko said...

hahahaha southern girl- i absolutely loved this post! i as well had a thing for the power rangers. always wanted to be the pink one. and those darn putties (sp?).

mal blair said...

hahaha, perfect.. i'm SO glad that i wasn't the only one! :]

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