Tuesday, December 7, 2010

it's your birthday!

so, let's pretend that i'm writing this on
monday, december 6th
and not 1 am, techincally - making it the 7th!

why are we playing pretend?
well.. because school, naptime, and homework
turned me into a horrible best friend.
which means,
i didn't blog about my best friend's birthday!

so, here we go!


words can't explain our friendship!
i am SO blessed to have him
as my very best friend.

he understands me like no one else,
he is there for me no matter what,
he puts a smile on my face so easily,
he has stuck by my side for years,
he is one of a kind - that's for sure.

nothing i can write can express
how much this kid means to me.

so, when i talked to his this afternoon -
i was highly upset to hear he had a bad birthday.

but i got to skype with him,
which put a huge smile on my face!
(if that counts for anything, ha.)

i wish i could've been in alabama
to spend his birthday with him.
actually, to spend any day with him
would be extremely nice.
i miss my best friend so much!

i hope i made your birthday somewhat better.
i love you to pieces william calcote
and i miss you more than anything!
happy birthday, best friend.


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