Friday, December 3, 2010

the polar express.


so, just a little fyi.. the polar express is my favorite!
there's so many amazing christmas movies; however,
the polar express just holds a little place in my heart.

i loved the book as a kid, like the rest of the world.
now i have a weird obsession with the movie!

it came out in 2004, and i think it's safe to say that
i've watched it at least 200 times.. no joke.

i own three copies of it..
1. boot leg, because i HAD to have it before it came out on dvd.
2. one dvd that i bought the day it came into stores.
3. an extra, because my family hid it because i watched it so much.

well, regardless of the fact that i own three copies..
have already watched it four times since december 1st..
and had already rented two other movies from redbox.

it was coming on abc family.. as part of the 25 days of christmas.
and you would have thought i was a little kid on christmas morning,
i was thrilled that it was on tv.. even though i could watch it on dvd?

so, i snuggled up with a heating blanket, a huge mug of apple cider,
and watched it.. once the credits have rolled, abc family surpised me!

did i watch it, again? that a serious question?

six times, so far since december started.
it'll probably be close to fourty once it's january.

it's just that great!


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