Wednesday, December 22, 2010

that blonde girl.

you see that girl up there?

well, she became my best friend in third grade.
we were together every waking hour
throughout elementary school..

we had our ups and downs over the years,
but we always ended up being best friends again.

once high school rolled around,
we were back together every waking hour..

except playing neopets was replaced with sending quotes
back and forth, eating cheese dip and ruffle chips
on her couch was replaced with late night trips to wendy's
for bacon cheeseburgers and baked potatoes, bike rides turned into
driving around town singing songs at the top of our lungs and crying,
playing sims turned into facebook stalking,
but the one thing that stayed the same was we still
goofed off together nonstop, she was there when i needed someone,
and she was the very best friend that i could ever ask for.

well, twelve years later.. 
something has happened that has me in tears.


(hope i didn't scare y'all there or anything.)

this popped up on my news feed (thanks ole' facebook)
and the tears started streaming down my face.

there's no way to explain how excited i am for her..

she's had three serious relationships
and i was there when the other two ended.
we shed lots of tears and overplayed this song.
so, i'm so glad to see that it's only happy tears this time.
she deserves the very best, and i know jared is great for her.
i wish more than anything that i was there, really.. i do!
i feel like i don't even know the guy that she's marrying,
except for meeting one time when i was visiting back home.
but i know they're perfect for each other
and she's happy, which is all that matters!

it's crazy to think about, though..
i feel like we were just eight years olds playing M.A.S.H
and now she's going to be married?
my goofy brace-face brit brat has grown up..
i guess we both have, but more so her,
because SHE'S ENGAGED!

but again, i'm so happy for her and jared..
and i love my long time best friend to pieces!


Anonymous said...

Its always nice when you have a best friend that is as loyal and your best friend is to you. Those types of friends are very hard to come by that through everything they still stick with ya!

Oh my gosh Congratulations! That is super exciting, I bet your best friend is ecstatic! Will you be helping her with all the wedding details?

Love your blog! Definitely will be visiting again!


Jennie Smithson said...

I LOVED NEOPETS!! ... hahaha :) but congrats to your friend! gosh, I feel like everyone my age is getting married. it's crazy!

Jared & Brit said...

aw, this is SUPER sweet. (&almost made me cry)
& of course i love you too.

I'm not to grown to fly to Utah and visit you.
Or to old to have a sumber party when you come to see me.

But, it is weird that we were JUST playing M.A.S.H and i was getting angry because i always got the worst husband or house and SOMEHOW you always got the best of everything.
We def. should not be growing up this fast.
Where has the time gone?

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