Monday, December 20, 2010

things you should know about me.

little miss momma did this precious post today,
which made me want to be BFF with her even more than before..
it also inspired me to do a similar type of post, so.. here we go!


my first and last name initals are ME!

i was born and raised in alabama,
but i have pretty much no accent.

if it's raining outside, i'll sleep so good.

backrubs are my favorite.

i am obsessed with peacoats and boots,
but i really hate the cold.

i make a lot of lists.

something about a baseball player captures my heart.


i could live off of popsicles and pickles.

if i could, i'd always be barefooted.

staying up all night is easy-peasy to me,
but waking up early is a whole different story.

i want to be a kindergarten teacher or child psychiatrist.

bridger, easton, and raylan will be my sons' names.
(if i have girls, they're out of luck.. i have no names!)

i bite the nail polish off my nails.. awful habit.

it's safe to say that,
i know more about college football than a lot of guys.

i worry that i won't ever get married.
(which would be awful.)

school brings out the true nerd in me.

the smells of fresh cut grass and gas are my favorite.

i have six best friends, all of them are guys except this girl.

my daddy is the funniest person on the planet.
(at least i think so.)

i can't stand to hear the microwave beep when it reaches 0.

one tree hill is my favorite show ever.

i tell people i'm allergic to cats,
but i really just dislike them.

my hair is obnoxiously straight,
and if i curl it, it'll fall in minutes.

looking at quotes is the best.

i'd pick apple cider over hot chocolate.


my email gets checked at least ten times a day.

i would rather be at the beach than anywhere else.

helping people gives me immense joy.

i kind of dislike when people call me mallory,
because most everyone just calls me mal.

i have a goofy laugh, which sounds like a pterodactyl.

my siblings mean the world to me.

well - i could go on forever,
but i won't for y'alls sake, haha.

but you should leave me a list about you
or a link to a post on your blog where you made a list..
because i would LOVE to read them!

don't forget, though..
go check out little miss momma's blog!
yano i wouldn't steer y'all in the wrong way..
you're going to be in love with her blog,
(and will probably want to kidnap her precious little boy!)
so i'd recommend to head that way... NOW!


{Melissa} said...

I too am not a morning person & I am sure you will marry one day.. I thought the same thing & when I was just about to give up hope.. my now hubby chased me down :)

LP said...

I hate the microwave beep too, sometimes if I can, I try to hit it a 1 second to avoid the noise. Oh, and I'm obsessed with quotes. I save them all in a book :)

LP said...

I cannot find the button to follow you :( but I'm subscribed thru Google Reader now :) Yeah, I'm not so good with blogging so maybe it's right in front of me hahaha :)

Ashley said...

Ooh, great list! I am totally with you on the baseball player thing! And the quotes! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Jenae said...

Of course you will get married!! silly girl. Oh my Gosh I hate the microwave beep also I always pull it open before it starts beeping!! I love looking at and reading quotes too!! favorite thing to do when im super duper bored!

Stacy P. said...

You're adorable. Seriously. And Utah is beautiful...I'd also move there asap.
I'm in GA...
Your comments make me smile- I'm a HUGE college football fan- mostly SEC/ACC since I'm here (Ga Tech is my favorite, but I'll cheer for Auburn, Florida and Tennessee)
And your baseball player comment...two of my dearest friends are married to pro players. One is married to a ATL Braves pitcher and the other is married to a guy who just got signed to the Yankees.
My husband is NOT a bball player...we just know them. :)
Love your blog- thanks for stopping by mine!

Bonnie @ This Young Mama said...

When I'm standing in the kitchen and there is something in the microwave I start counting down the seconds like a rocket ship or something (yeah,wierd!) my curls don't last 2 seconds in my hair unless i spray them with an insane amount of hairspray.

Courtney Moser said...

I am the same way with sleep. I can stay up all night, but waking up is the most miserable thing ever.
love OTH! I have a lot of friends who live in the town that they film in, so i've been to all of the places in the show, and some of my friends have been extras!
and i love fresh cut grass :)

Jennie Smithson said...

fresh cut grass and gas! yes, yes, yes! these are so freakishly exactly my favorite scents too!

little j said...

Cute list....I have a thing for baseball players too. Maybe it's the uniform? :)

Hadar said...

Love this post! I am obsessed with peacoats and boots too!! And baseball players....mmmm

I think I'm going to do this list too!


Tasia said...

I'm a new follower! This list is awesome.

I am also obsessed with peacoats and boots, but I live in Hawaii and have no where to use them :( I also love looking at quotes, I have like 3 or 4 quote books that go back to when I was in 8th grade!

maybe we are meant to be bffs. lol :)


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