Monday, December 13, 2010

what had happened was..

11:45 pm - say i'm going to sleep.
1:30 am - stop facebook stalking already, mallory.
2:45 am - 374 math problems are finally complete.
3:15 am - make lengthy to do list for tomorrow.. CHECK!
3:30 am - set fifteen alarms on my phone, literally.
3:45 am - eyes closed, dreaming begins.
5:30 am - "gonna be a good day" starts playing.
6:00 am - shower in the dark and without contacts in.
(helen keller.. i give you props, sistah!)
7:20 am - sit in my car until my toes are no longer numb.
8:15 am - pit stop to krispy kreme to bring the boys breakfast.
(what can i say? i'm thoughtful.. just kidding.)
8:34 am - doug, jesse, and devin are waiting in class.
8:38 am - nick and bryan join the study group.
8:42 am - j and n leave us to go take a health final.
9:02 am - that classroom was for an exam.. oops?
9:05 am - throw all of our stuff at a table in the hallway.
9:23 am - studying hard.. or more like, hardly studying?
9:45 am - random boys yells "shut up" at us.
9:50 am - moved to location 3..
(are you happy, rude boy?)
10:32 am - again, hardly studying..
10:47 am - time to go to class.
(cue panic mode!)
10:55 am - double check with doug that we know everything.
11:12 am - complain to jesse about how nervous i am.
11:15 am - clay comes in with the test
(cue hyperventilation mode!)
11:20 am - jesse continually tells me to breathe and calm down.
11:23 am - clay hands out the exam.
12:46 pm - exam.. COMPLETE!
12:52 pm - j, n, and i discuss what we think got wrong.
1:02 pm - my heart stops as clay tells me i got an 83.
(the "you still have an A+  average" doesn't matter at this point!)
1:12 pm - kept my cool while i talked to jesse about my grade.
1:23 pm - managed to maintain a smile as i walked to my car.
1:27 pm - finally stopped slamming my head on my steering wheel.
1:34 pm - call my mom to tell her what i got on my exam.
(still keeping my cool, might i add.)
1:42 pm - hang up the phone and the tears start rolling.
1:58 pm - wipe my face off and leave the parking lot.
2:02 pm - tell tj and hunter my horrible news.
2:05 pm - the tears are rolling.. again.
2:35 pm - pick jace up from escuela.
3:23 pm - hide away in my room for a while.
5:27 pm - stop slaughtering strangers at online texas hold'em.
5:32 pm - ells wants to hang out tomorrow instead.
5:50 pm - bore y'all with my dramatic day.
6:00 pm - fight to keep my eyes open!
(two hours of sleep is for the birds, not me.)
6:12 pm - temple square time!


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