Thursday, December 9, 2010

what's your number?

what do all of them have in common?
(other than beautiful smiles and amazing personalities)
they each put a smile on my face!

there's some new status game on facebook,
which your newsfeed have probably been
overflowing because of..
you message the person a number,
then they tell you what they think of you.

i refuse to post stuff  on my wall,
but if someone asks me - i'll answer in a message
and i saw what a few people had to say.

the kind things things took my mood from
being upset and overwhelmed from finals
to absolutely wonderful!

i figured i'd share them with y'all.
(& facebook won't save them forever,
so i want to look back when i'm bummed out!)

1. cole - so very gorgeous,
we were gettin to know each other pretty good
and then u had to move all the way across the country lol,
which i wasn't happy with at all. and if u come back,
i better get a phone call!

2. aus - im mad at you. you came to montgomery twice
that i know of and never asked to see me or anything, but i
saw where you asked some other people you never
even hung out with while you lived here.. idk, its weird
how we used to be what we were and now it's like i know
nothing about you? idk it's crazy to think about.
(i know, this doesn't seem super nice or anything..
BUT he's my ex and we haven't talked in forever.
so, i was just glad it wasn't like a hate letter! haah.)

3. tj - my all nighter partner ;) ur great, period!!

4. jake - known to you as lil brother bahaha
only hung out a little bit but it was always fun,
really miss you..
everything bout you was beautiful and you are
by far the nicest person that went to lee,
best memory i had was on valentine's day! :)

5. samantha - a few days after i met you,
you told me you were moving to utah & i was so upset..
still am. i miss your gorgeous self & i really wish
you'd come visit me sometime. :) i miss our skype dates!

6. charlotte - well, you have always been the most gorgeous
tan girl i know!! you are always so sweet and i love
that about you. sucks you moved so far away!
well, you're just pretty much AMAZING! :)

7. kort - you are a very sweet girl & i wish you still
lived here so we could still hang out! you have a good head
on your shoulders and will go far in life :) miss you!

8. rachie - oh, where do i start! you're my twin and preschool
partner in crime, haah. we've had soo many memories. i just
cannot believe that time has gone by soo fast. i love you soo
very much. your my sister from another mother. i wish that
you lived closer too because i miss you soo much.
your an amazing person and you have an unbelievable faith!
dont ever lose it! i love you twin. :)
9. leisa - it's kinda funny that we started kindergarten
as really good friends and we graduated highschool as
really good friends. i'm sad we couldnt stay close because you
moved wayyyy far away. not cool. im so glad we were
able to speak our language. it was hysterical.
i miss you so much. maybe we'll be good friends again later
in like, like another 13 years from now!

10. brandon - you are such a cool girl. still need to
come down and visit me some time though.

11. justin - my best friend. hunters house, dance party?
hahaha. i miss you alot. :)

12. patrick - its funny that we went to school together since
7th grade but i never spoke to you until the 11th.
the first thing you ever said to me was a question about a
chem test on the lab tools and you didn't know what it was.
my first thought was, "i thought she was smart?" lmao.
i'm grateful to have a best friend that i can text at all
hours of the day and get a reply, literally. i love you!

13.  josh - *singing voice* if you drink all that we gon
end up holdin hands! is that what you wanna do shawty lol.
i loved our trips to sonic and your route 44's, the
little things that we did stick out in my head.
with your beauty you could have been as stuck up as
you wanted, but you were the most humble and
down to earth girl i've ever known.

without a doubt.


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