Tuesday, January 4, 2011

bachelor business.

raise your hand if you
watch the bachelor every season?
perfect! we're going to be best friends.

as y'all know, season 15 started last night!
first let me say: it doesn't feel like it's been 15 seasons that i have
watched psycho girls, wild guys, quite a few weirdos, and too many tears
on the wonderful bachelor and bachelorette shows..
however, i am guilty of watching every single season.

with that being said, i did see the first time brad womack was on!
and i'm glad to see his fine self getting another chance.

The Bachelor: Brad Womack's Bar Has Other Reality Show History

honestly - i don't get why so many hate him.
he didn't chose either of the girls.. SO WHAT?
i think it's cool that he didn't choose someone because he HAD to.
why pick someone if you're not going to be 100% happy?

however, there are two things i have to throw out there:
i think the whole "i went to therapy" spill was a little much
and i honestly find it hard to believe that he needs a show,
like the bachelor, to find someone to date/marry.
moving on to the fun part.. the girls.
i read the bios and made choices before the show started,
then once they were on tv, i was pleased that my choices stuck.

michelle, emily and ashley s. are my picks.

if i were brad,
there's a few girls i would tell to leave ASAP.

- the loser who slapped him.. really now?
- ole' girl who decided to run and jump into his arms.
- the chick who made him get on a knee and ask her to marry him.
- rockette woman doing her kicks in a dress.
- vampire girl who was creepy with her mysterious act.
- the girl who asked, "can you handle the size of my behind?"
- anyone who manscapes.. awkward.
- the girl that should have left singing to her shower.
- immature girls that tried to steal him back and forth.

then some weirdos would be gone
and he could take time to get to know the normal ones.

anyways, i'm excited for this season!

who are y'alls picks?


Ashley said...

Ooh love the bachelor. I love emily and Ashley S.. but i'm pretty sure that Michelle goes nutso.

Brett said...

Oh my gosh. You basically just wrote about my life. I am ADDICTED to this show! I totally agree 100% of everything you said. I have to add though when Deanna and Jenni came back. I was mad with Deanna because really she seemed bitter, I think she needs to get over the fact because she is already MARRIED. okay thats all.

Hadar said...

Vampire girl is ridiculous! She was making me really uncomfortable! Is ashley s the one who got the first impression rose? I liked her. and also, I agree with you on the whole its okay for him to not have chosen someone. How is this any different than let's say, Jake, who chose Vienna and then was a total d-bag to her! It's better to not choose one, I think! Anyway...here's to another drama filled season!

HaleyRyan said...

Good picks! I thank Emily and Ashley are my favorite. Michelle looks like she has psycho potential lol. I'm glad I found a fellow Bachelor lover!

Emily said...

I'm addicted to the show too!! My pics are Emily and Ashley too :)

siarra jo said...

those were my picks too, biff! the two southern girls & the chick from SLC.

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