Thursday, January 27, 2011

midway to heaven.

as i got in the car today,
97.1 was saying something about
calling in and winning something.

i had no clue what i could win,
if i had to say the name of the same,
or anything like that, but i figured i'd call in.

& yano what...

so, i bet you're wondering..
what did i win?

tickets to see the movie,
 midway to heaven.

now you're thinking..
what the heck is that?
don't worry, i had the same thought.


yes, it looks like a corny LDS movie..
because that's exactly what it is.
that's probably not what you're worried about.

i know what you're thinking..
am i seeing things?
again, don't worry.. i rubbed my eyes and gasped too.


yano, the psycho off the bachelor from salt lake.
my, oh my.. i was shaking my head.

but anyways -
speaking of that psycho girl,
i'm about to catch up on the bachelor.
i was sick as a dog on monday and didn't watch it.
so, prepare yourself for a bachelor post soon!


Andrea Wyss said...

WHAT THE HECK. i hate michelle. and you'll hate her even more after the most current episode.

Brett said...

as soon as i saw that clip i was like what the heck. she is psycho! and whats creepy is brad actually likes her. blehh.

*Ashley* said...

aw, too bad it wasnt something better. :( mabye you will have just as good luck next time!

~up for a challenge? O.C.T challenge at

Tucker said...

Whaaaat? Well, congrats on winning. I love watching that crazy girl. You never know what that thing is going to say next!

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