Sunday, January 2, 2011

new year's eve is overrated.

this girl happens to be my best friend,
and i got to spend new year's eve
(and three more days) with her.

she lives two hours away,
so my family and i are thrilled when we get to see her.

if you could plop one of my friends in as a new sibling,
then c-o would be the one who would fit right in!

we went to a party at uvu,
which was honestly pretty lame.

there few boys we wanted to hang out with, we didn't..
strike one.

we hiked in the freezing cold from the parking lot
to the entrance, only to be told we had to have cash to get in.. 
strike two.

our hands were literally bloodshot red and frozen
just from walking in the 5 degree weather for 5 minutes.

we left and got cash then we finally got in,
with 5 minutes left until it was midnight.

we denied kisses by random boys and
hoped the rest of the night would be better.

but of course, we couldn't be so lucky!

only two types of boys exist at utah parties:
creepers and gropers.
(okay okay, and a few sweethearts.)
we got to deal with our fair share of both.
strike three.

not to seem like a negative nancy,
but 2011 didn't start off as we planned. hahha.

three strikes was enough for us to call it a night.

however, the night didn't end on an awful note..
because laughter and ice cream make everything better.
(even if it is 5 degrees outside, which is too cold to be eating ice cream!)

so, maybe we didn't start off 2011 the way we hoped..
but i got to hang out with my best friend,
and i think that completely makes up for the other lameness.

but the rest of 2011, please be good to me.

what did y'all do for new years eve?
hopefully it was better than mine!


*Ashley* said...

wow, sounds like new years eve was a bit crazy for ya. but, at least you two can look back at it and laugh. :) i went over to seme friends house and took crazy pics, drank sparkling grape juice, and missed the ball drop. (whoops) i like your blog style, very down to earth. check out mine when you get the chance. :)

siarra jo said...

we suck. hahaha.

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