Monday, February 7, 2011

time to get to it.

makes you want to hit the gym, huh?

my gym new years resolutions are a month late.

i got this app yesterday,
these shoes last week,
and starting today -
i'm finally sticking to this!

running and p90x every single day,
absolutely no more slacking.

that's my countdown to spring break!

time to get to it.


*Ashley* said...

good for you! now i need to get my butt up and do

The Sweet Life said...

Just stopping by from mingle Monday. Cute blog. Maybe you can inspire me to do a few things such as: p90x, stop drinking soft drinks, and keep up my blog. We will see. Anyways... I can't believe Michelle is in a movie...I can't stand her, but I'm highly addicted to the bachelor. Enjoy last weeks episode. Happy Monday!!

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