Monday, February 14, 2011

valentine's day.

if i had precious little children:
i would have made them heart shaped meals.

if i had a handsome husband:
i would have had a wonderful date with the love of my life.

but since i have neither:
i didn't do like most valentine-less girls would do..
yano, mope around wishing i had someone to celebrate it with;
instead, i ate lindor truffles and kept single ladies on repeat.
(at least up until the bachelor and pretty little liars came on)

valentine's day is nothing special when you're single
and if you aren't single -
you should show your love for them every day anyways.

but i hope y'all had a wonderful valentine's day,
single awareness day, or whatever you call it!


The Sweet Life said...

Haha loved your post. Us single ladies have to stick together.

Brooke Shoko said...

i love your blog.

Cait said...

addicted your blog pretty girl :) seriously! xoxo

Jared & Brit said...

even though i'm not single i thought you'd enjoy it.

Single is not just a status. It's actually a word that
 best describes a person
who is strong enough to live
 and enjoy life without having to depend on others.

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