Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ten on tuesday.

1. slept in until 11, took a four hour afternoon nap, and already tired again.. it's safe to say i'm a bum.

2. all i can think about is how delicious a mountain dew slurpee from 711 would be, right now.

3. caking my skin in afro sheen and laying out for four hours was the highlight of my day.

4. waking up from a nap to the smell of chicken stir fry is pretty heavenly.

5. oh, i finally got my iphone charger back. thank you, apx boy! 

6. ate a snickers and some cookies for breakfast, guess i'll start eating healthy tomorrow.

7. it has been exactly a week since i came back from the beach trip in orlando. i already miss my family!

8. i need to catch up on the secret life of the american teenager and pretty little liars episodes.

9. after laying out, i felt super dizzy and sick.. five hours later, still not feeling so spiffy.

10. even though i'm on "vacation" - i need days like today, just to relax.


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