Thursday, July 22, 2010

three on thursday.

1. my summer attire consists of two "outfits"
pre-pool: bathing suit, hat, sundress, and oakleys.
post-pool: t-shirt, boxers, hat.
and IF i decide to actually get "dressed up" and go out,
i put on shorts with the post-pool attire.
i can't decide if i enjoy this time to be a bum
or if i'm disappointed in myself, haah.

(it's too comfortable to be disappointed in myself,
i have the school year to dress cute!)

2. i've also realized it's hard to write what i do each day, because...
i spend ALL DAY at the pool, EVERY DAY.
i chill in my little area, roasting in the sun and reading my book.
i take little breaks here and there to go inside and talk to stacy,
then i go home once people are off work and want to hang out.
BUT i feel like i can share my pool experience today,
because i didn't stick to my regular routine.
i talked to nancy for quite a while.
mrs.ashley and her adorable kids came out there to swim today.
so, i talked to her and played with boston some.
he was diving for my sunglasses.
(which he informed me that broke and i think i almost cried,
but i fixed them.. so, no worries. haah..)
then jeff came out there, and i talked to him for a bit too.
having people out there to talk to was nice.
the five hours went by a lot faster!

(my area got no use today, but oh well!)

3. i am talking to c-o and she informed me that she never
had a lemonade stand as a child, sad huh?
so, next time she comes to visit me -
it's not creepy for two teenagers to have one, right?
yeah, we didn't think so either!

(fyi: this is no lemonade stand i've ever had.
i just found this picture and thought it was cute,
BUT ours will be this cute too.)


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