Thursday, July 29, 2010

last days in alabama

1. staying in a hotel in the city you lived
in your whole life is so WEIRD.

2. it's a proven fact -
if i make plans, they never work out.

3. i didn't write earlier in the week because
i couldn't think of a creative title.

videos like this make alabama look bad, 
but it's pretty funny.

5. the past few nights, i have been looking up ways to
decorate my future kindergarten classroom.

6. there are fiiineee boys 3 hotel rooms down,
i'm considering just introducing myself.

7. johnny is snuggled up in bed and dead asleep.

8. this hotel room is FREEZING right now,
but seems to be miserably hot any other time.

9. hunt and i took johnny to house of crosses,
he was a little weirded out.

10. i've found out who my true friends are.. enough said.

11. four days left in alabama, kind of bittersweet.

12. my eyes are closing on me as i'm typing this,
guess it's time to sleep.


Hadar said...

Totally agree with #2 and #3! And I am a kindergarten teacher, it is the funniest job in the whole world :)

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