Thursday, August 5, 2010

thirteen on thursday.

1. people watching in the airport is possibly the most fascinating thing ever. i had a three and a half hour layover in atlanta and had a lot of down time! a boy in a woody costume,women wearing 5 inch heels running to their gate, and many interesting outfits caught my eye.. i wish i could've taken pictures!

2. i am a huge fan of bright finger nail polish and having a tan.

3. after five weeks straight in alabama, being back in utah is weird.

4. i am sort of ready for fall semester to start, even though i will regret saying that once it finally does start.

5. there is construction on the one road that leads to my neighborhood, so we were stuck waiting roughly two hours in a long line. one man kept getting out of his truck and standing up on top of it.

6. i ran 2.5 miles and it kicked my butt, because i haven't run in a while. i want to run a 5k in the next few months though, so i'm trying to get back to doing 3 miles without wanting to die afterwards.

7. babysitting (which is more like just hanging out with) my brother is the easiest thing on the face of the planet to do. turn on baseball and we're both content! however, adding reagan into the mix makes it a little more difficult.

8. my cousin tatum turned four on this past sunday, so we all went up to auburn on saturday.
i played tea party, teacher, hide and seek, vet, and watch the cat in the hat (multiple times) with her! she's the most precious kid on the planet.

9. it has been raining ridiculously bad the past few nights, but it has made it where i can sleep super good. so, no complaints!

10. i feel like i'm going to literally cough up my lung, it's not really the most pleasant feeling.

10. my mom and i looked at smocked outfits for hours today. my kids (boys and girls) are going to have tons of them! seriously the cutest things ever. two of my favorites were smocked bathing suits!

11. completing everything on my to-do lists (which were quite long) for the past four days in a row is a great accomplishment for me.

12. i saw charlie st. cloud last week and it made me bawl my eyes out. all i could think about was how it reminded me of me and jace. my brother is my world, so i'd go crazy if he passed away.

13. i really want to learn to make sock monkeys! erin (one of the apx girls) has been making them while in alabama and i really wish i would have had her teach me how. they're precious!


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