Sunday, August 8, 2010

sweet home alabama

 looking out my window and seeing mountains would be something you'd think i'd awe over, but not so much. alabama, the beautiful is what i like to see. i miss the lush, green grass, the big magnolia trees, and the sweet smell of honeysuckle. it seems that the minute i stepped off the plane into utah, i craved boiled peanuts and fried okra. unfortunately, the craving is eating away at my stomach and probably will until i get to take a trip back to the dirty south. oh, how i miss the friendliness of people! i'd kill for someone here to randomly say hello in the grocery store or at least not give me a dirty look when i randomly tell them hello or smile at them. whenever i hear the sound of big trucks revving their engines here, it is not cute, southern boys with swooshy hair in the driver's seat - which is a true disappointment. sheesh, i wish i could find someone here with a thick, southern drawl - it would make me feel at home. auburn and alabama decor is replaced with byu and university of utah, which makes me realize football season will be different, because mountain west and now pac 12 football has nothing on the sec. yes ma'am and no sir are no longer heard in this neck of the wood, unless it's from me and my little brother. i guess there's so many things that are aching at my heart right now. i left alabama only five days ago, and i am already having withdrawls. i am not trying to be a downer, because utah is a great place. sometimes i just miss where i was born and raised.
sweet home alabama, i hope to see you soon.


ali.rauch said...

Wow. I just came across this by chance and love your blog name and blog post. Living in Auburn myself, i totally love and appreciate the things you're missing every day! The southern hospitality and friendliness is something you'll get nowhere else. War Eagle :)

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