Wednesday, August 18, 2010

bachelor pad.

i wasn't going to watch the bachelor pad,
but it's on hulu and i finished all the oc seasons..
so, i kind of needed something to watch!
and i have to say, i'm glad i did!

i am pretty sure that i'll love this as much
as i have loved the bachelor(ette).

just a few things that i wanted to mention:

BACHELOR PAD - "Episode 101" -- On the highly anticipated series premiere of ABC's "Bachelor Pad," MONDAY, AUGUST 9 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET), the competition begins as 19 former castoffs from the "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" go head to head for $250,000 and possibly a second chance at love. The contestants will move into the "Bachelor" mansion to meet their fellow competitors, but before long they'll face their first challenges - a good ole game of Twister, "Bachelor" style, a group date in the sun and under the stars, and a dreaded elimination. (ABC/RICK ROWELL)BACKGROUND: MELISSA RYCROFT, CHRIS HARRISON; FOREGROUND: BACHELOR PAD CAST

- elizabeth shouldn't have died her hair blonde..
oh, and she's a pretty big nutcase.
"why can't you appreciate all i do for you? HA.. WHAT?!

- i laughed a little on the inside when the girls
planned to vote off craig and then he won the rose.

- oh, twister was nasty to watch.

- "there aren't enough roses for all of michelle's personalities.
plus, you can't pin a rose on a straight jacket."
THANK YOU WEATHERMAN, i just died from laughing.

- when michelle locked tenley in the bathroom with her..
i was scared for her life, no joke.

- who exactly are gwen, krisily, and peyton?
i have watched every season of the bachelor,
yet i don't remember them.. at all!

- oh.. and why does gwen's age have "??"
that just gives away that she's too old to be with these babies.

BACHELOR PAD - "Episode 102" -- On the second episode of ABC's "Bachelor Pad," MONDAY, AUGUST 16 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET), 17 contestants continue vying for a shot at $250,000 and a second chance at love. In store for the housemates is a stomach-churning challenge, an opportunity to bring out their inner "artist," and another dreaded elimination. (ABC/RICK ROWELL)NATALIE GETZ, JESSE BECK, NIKKI KAPPKE, JONATHAN NOVACK, KRISILY KENNEDY, GWEN GIOIA, ASHLEY ELMORE


- "i'm pretty sure tenley vomited into the pie and
continued to eat it.. that was gross"
hahahahah, glad he was just as disgusted as i was.

- why exactly did the girls do an interview things
with pie smothered on their faces still? gross.

- gwen.. really weatherman?
if you were as strategic as everyone thinks
then you would have picked ashley.

- jesse beck, jesse beck, jesse beck..
oh gia, i don't blame you!

-  kovacs and elizabeth's shower scene?

- i wonder how awkward it is going to be for gia's
boyfriend to watch what wes is saying to her,
and then she gave the rose to him because her
heart said to.. mhm, interesting.

- glad gia understands that she messed up
the game plan though.. good job!

- woaaahhh, jesse shouldn't have broken up with natalie.

- chris.. the purple polka dot tie doesn't
match the brown gingham shirt, sorry buddy.

- goodbye, creepy eyes..
your plan didn't work!


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