Wednesday, August 25, 2010

back to ole' uvu.

has summer really gone by THAT fast?

today was first day of fall 2010 semester, oh joy.

i am probably about to seem like a negative nancy
about some of these things, and i honestly don't mean to..
there's just a few thoughts on my mind from school today:

- uvu parking is the worst, EVER.
why do i pay $80 to park 2 miles away?

- all my teachers seem to be pretty legit!
(thank you, ratemyprofessor)

- the line in the bookstore was ridiculous.

- my classes are in the perfect spots!
two are across the hall from each other in liberal arts,
two are across the hall from each other in the library,
and one is at the high school by my house on monday nights.

- it was a good 80 degrees in all of my classes
and i had a dress on but was still sweating bullets.
(i can't even imagine how the people who
decided to wear jeans and big jackets felt)

- my day didn't seem like it was too long,
classes went by fast and the break i had seemed long.

- i only know one person in all of my classes
and we planned that class together.

- i saw quite a few attractive boys on campus.
(too bad i saw them on the side of campus that i'll never be)

- several longboarders almost ran me over,
none even acted apologetic.. sheesh!

- i actually wasn't too tired today..
i woke up on time - due to a crazy dream
and only yawned about 3 times while i was in class.

- i forgot how ADHD i am until my first class started.
i could not focus, AT ALL.

- i am numbers 2 and 3 on waitlist for
another psychology class and human development..
(please, hurry!)

- i'm pretty sure i got third degree burn
from my leather seats in my car, eh.

- the only class that i have semi-cute boys in is math
and that is the one subject i have to pay attention in.
(just my luck!)

- i got to people watch a lot today.
(which is my favorite thing, ever!)

- my bookbag weighs roughly half my body weight,
which is a delight to my already whacked out back!

- i only go to class on monday, wednesdays, and fridays.
so, i have tomorrow off!

overall, it was a good day..
just a few things that peeved me!
but hey, it's school..
whattya' expect?


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