Thursday, September 2, 2010

technologically consumed

turn off 6 alarms on my iphone, check my hotmail email, review the to-do list i made as i laid in bed the night before, get on facebook, begin random list of thoughts #1, check the weather, start playlist for while i get ready - starting with good day by nappy roots, check all my calendars, check the weather again, make sure i have everything off my "remember for today" list, listen to roughly 9 songs on the way to school, text some people while i walk 2 miles to class, play a word on words with friends, begin random list of thoughts #2, check my gmail email, add homework assignments to my "istudiez pro" app, transfer those assignments to my school calendar, post a tweet of how boring class is today, check my online bank statement,  add to to-do list, check uvlink, google random stuff, play line-up on my phone, add things to random list #1, facebook a little in class, cross things off to-do list, add more homework assignments, listen to roughly 9 more songs on the way home, check my hotmail email, read a few blogs, cross homework off my assignment list, start to-do list for tomorrow, facebook stalking, watch some tv episodes on hulu, start random list #3, skype, add things to my life calendar, watch youtube videos, text more people, play spider solitaire, update iphone apps, check emails, read scriptures on my phone, set alarms for the morning, add things to tomorrow's to-do list, start white noise maker, check calendar, add something to random list #2, and eventually fall asleep - only to start the process all over tomorrow.

i basically use two of the apps on my iphone religiously! [iStudiez Pro & 2Do] they are two of the only apps that i've bought & they have gotten their fair share of use. well, they weren't working today & i thought my life was going to be over. i had NO idea what i needed to do for the day or what exactly my homework was - therefore, i was stressing out. i checked my calendar and it was too vague [example: math homework - 1.6, human development paper due wednesday] so, i decided that i needed to redo my calendars & make them more detailed.. which is when i found my new obsession - google calendar! i'm seriously in love. i can color coordinate each topic, which is a necessity for me. [EVERYTHING i do has to be color coordinated, it's kind of pathetic.] i found out all the neat things to do on there: you can add friend's calendar's (great for group projects) then it will coordinate dates to meet around y'alls schedules & neat stuff like that.. but the best thing was i figured out how to sync my google calendar to my phone! i no longer have to input everything onto my phone's calendar & waste a lifetime doing so. i can just do it online & it transfers, score! by the time i finished that, my two apps started working & i was relieved.. BUT then my email on my phone wasn't connecting! i literally check my email a good 20 times a day, no joke. i hate when it gets cluttered & stuff. well, my online inbox had started doing that - because i just check it off my phone lately, so i sorted all my emails today & now it says this - Wow, you've got a very clean inbox! success, hahaha. but anyways, now everything is super organized and my apps are working again - so i'm happy!


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