Saturday, September 4, 2010

football season

the college football season has now begun!
am i stoked?

college football is one of my favorite things ever.
i'll watch any team, but i prefer watching the SEC!
& i really love watching auburn.

football isn't just a sport in the south, it's more like a religion.
& so when i see this BYU vs. UTAH rivalry..
i just laugh to myself, because it's a joke!
(no offense, hardcore byu & utah fans)
i just wish all these utah people could experience
a football weekend in the SEC!

it killed me last year not being able
to tailgate & be at the games, but i guess i'll just have to
get used to it until i live back in the south, haah.

i was at lagoon all day today..
so, i didn't get to even watch the games on tv.
but you better bet i had espn pulled up on my phone!

auburn won 52-26 against arkansas state,
next week is against mississippi state!



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