Thursday, September 9, 2010

queen of crying.

unfortunately, i am the most sensitive person.. EVER!

raise your voice at me, say something semi-mean,
anything along those lines - i'll bust into tears.
the full on - blood shot eyes, runny nose,
can't catch my breath kind of crying!

during a job training when your
super sweet boss is trying to correct you to help you learn
is NOT the time to fall into the over sensitive category & cry.
but who did? oh, yeah.. ME!

i felt absolutely pathetic, dumb, humiliated,
and [insert an infinite amount of synonyms of those here].

he's seriously a super great guy, though.
he got me to calm down & just talk to him,
instead of looking at me like i was a nut case
(which i'm positive i looked like)
& telling me to just go ahead & go home.

oh, & the other two people in the room,
trinity [another girl training] & david [my boss' son]
were both way nice about the situation too.
i can't imagine the thoughts going through their minds!
but regardless, it was super sweet of them to be so kind.

i got in my car after training & just sat there
& again, just bawled my eyes out..
this time because i couldn't believe how big of a fool
i had made of my self previously during the day.

so, it's safe to say.. it wasn't the best day.

cry in front of my future boss - check.
(hey, i figured i should add that to my bucket list,
since i did it & humiliated myself enough to earn some sort of achievement.)


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