Monday, September 13, 2010

oh, slacker.

i'm slacking about writing, typical me.
i'll try to catch y'all up!

- school is frying my brain, no joke.

- i got a job at palm beach tan.

- in one of my classes,
EVERYONE is married.. except me.

- i've come to realize that i do have quite a few
adorable boys in my classes.

- i haven't watched the bachelor pad in two weeks.

- i REALLY miss my family in alabama.

- i made a 100 on my 1st human development test, today.

- i've cut back on my zupa's addiction..
(but i did have it today, haah.)

- the past week, i've had one huge continuous dream.
it started, yet each night it picks up where it left off.
i'm NOT a fan, because of the boy in the dream.

- brownies sound delicious, right now.

- i have a lot of homework to do.


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