Wednesday, September 22, 2010

already been a great week.


when i got done with class, it was HOT outside!
99 degrees to be exact.
i feel like last september it was freezing already.
so, i am fully cherishing this nice weather!


my family went to a golf tournament,
so it was just me & jace yesterday.
we had zupa's after school, rode scooters,
played basketball, jammed out in the car,
& then we had mcdonald's for dinner.

my brother is my world,
so i loved getting to hang out..
because i've been so busy that
we haven't got to as much.

(he got 50 chicken nuggets, gag.)

i found out that i made a
100 on my human development test.
96 on my human development test essay.
95 on my math test.

it put a smile on my face, to say the least.

as i was getting ready to write on here,
i got this text from jace..
he had already gone to lay down a while ago,
so i figured he was already asleep.

thanks for keeping me in line, baby brother.


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