Sunday, September 26, 2010

just informing you.

i already know it's going to be a great week,
which is, quite frankly, a wonderful feeling.

i don't want to bust out and already share why
exactly it'll be such a marvelous week, but you
just wait, and on wednesday - i'll be sure to share!

but as for today..

we have a new ward.
technically, 99% of the people that
were in our old ward are in this one too. 
the measly 1% got sent to a new ward.
i don't think i even know any of them,
but we'll miss y'all.

it starts at 10:30 now, instead of the normal 11,
so we were late.. walking into church late is on
my list of one of the most awkward things, ever.
but now we know of the change, so all is well.

we played minute to win it in primary,
and it was the highlight of my entire day.

(replace this lady with a flustered, but precious little
 kid.. and replace the audience with other kids who
are humming "i am a child of god" and anxiously
watching the clock, so they can start the countdown)

my sunday afternoon nap was inexistant, because
i've spent the day trying to cram 100 questions of
human development information into my brain,
so i can make another 100 on my test tomorrow.

however, i stumbled across a blog and thus wasted
two valuable hours of studying to do some blog stalking.
too bad i'm not being tested on that or i would surely ace it!

anyways, now i'm too sleepy to even think about studying
make believe play and the benefits of breast feeding..
(sounds joyous, huh?) so, i'm calling it a night and keeping
my fingers crossed extra tight tomorrow during my test.


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