Thursday, September 30, 2010

goodbye, hello.

you were pretty lame while you lasted..
all i really did was waste my days away with school..
then before i knew it, you were over!

but that's okay, it's time to move on from that..

i want you to be even better than september,
which is probably going to be pretty simple..

because i refuse to let school consume every minute,
of every hour, of every day, in this lovely month.

also because you have a full month of college football,
which makes it better already; halloween, which brings
so many fun festivities; cooler weather, which is nice -
hoodies and bonfires before it gets unbearably freezing;
fall break, which provides a few days of sanity from school,
and i'm sure more endless opportunities that i'm ready for.

so, i just wanted to fully welcome you
and kick lame ole' september to the curb until next year.


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