Thursday, September 30, 2010

tour of happy valley.

i didn't have class today,
so i showed stacy and kelton around.

i LOVED spending the day with them!

i showed them byu's campus and went to the bookstore,
then i made them take a picture in front of the byu sign..
[on the side of the road, where people are driving by]
kelton wasn't really a fan of all that, but i forced him. hah.

we headed back after wandering around provo for a while.
on the way back to mi casa, though, we stopped for roxberry!

i had never had it before, but we all wanted smoothies.
let me tell you - best decision i've made all week.
this place is going to be my new smoothie central!

(stac's overly excited face is kind of a failure, but i love her.)

we didn't do anything too exciting, but it was still perfect.
just being able to hang out with this is good enough for me.
so, i'm savoring the five days that they're here.


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