Monday, September 27, 2010

sleepy head.

every monday night,
i'm beyond exhausted.

i leave my house at 9 in the morning,
come home for an hour after class and
then i have to go to my night class, that is 
(which is going to be the death of me)
and get home at roughly 8:30 at night.
so, it's a long day.. to say the least.

even though i yawned roughly eight million times,
struggled to keep my eyes open, and couldn't help
but think about how i wanted to take a nap..
i had a great day!

yano my human development test that i was stressing about?
i got it and knew all 122 questions like the back of my hand.
let me tell you, that is the BEST feeling in the entire world.
okay.. maybe not the best, but it's up there on the list.
knowing it so well got me a 100 and i was ecstatic.

i was planning on eating healthy this week.. funny, huh?
well, i called to tell my mom that i made a 100. 
which is when i was informed that her, steve, and reagan
were eating at zupa's and that i should meet them to eat.

i waste $8.61 on a daily basis to engulf food at zupa's.
therefore, meeting my family to eat might
break my goal of eating healthy this week,
but it would make me $8.61 richer
and make my stomach stop yelling at me.

so, it was a no brainer..
i mean, i deserved a reward for my 100 anyways.. right?

needless to say, i inhaled my food and didn't regret it one bit.

however, i did not get my break at home today
instead - i had to go straight to my night class.

my two and a half hour ethics and values class
was pretty close to being a nightmare tonight!

there is one thing that helps me stay awake in that class.
what's that you ask?
oh, just this highly attractive boy that sits across the room.

well, today..
as i was fighting to keep my eyes open,
i saw a hand go up in the air.
it was that attractive boy,
but i noticed something that i hadn't before.
i blinked a few times to make sure i saw this clearly..
what is this? ...he's married?
oh, my heart sunk!

i can't look at him the same now,
so i have nothing to keep me awake anymore.
oh, it'll be a fun rest of the semester!

but anyways..
now i'm finally in my bed,
where i have been longing to be all day.
so, that's all for now.


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