Wednesday, September 29, 2010

they're here!

well.. today is the day that made my week great.

yes, my aunt and cousin came from bama to utah,
and there's no way to explain how happy i am.

they got here at 10 this morning, but i had classes.
as the day went on, i got more and more ready.
once my last class rolled around, i was so antsy!
i finished my partner take home quiz in record time,
(by the way.. i didn't get who i wanted as a partner!)
and then i hurried up and headed to mi casa.

i greeted them with great big hugs,
and then we all just hung out around the house.

oh, space brought me boiled peanuts.
i literally inhaled the whole bag in .2 seconds!
why doesn't utah have them? 

take note of what the package says.
not sure why, but it put a smile on my face.

anyways, we eventually left to go get dinner
because we were all pretty dadgum starving.
and whattya' think we got?
ding, ding, ding.
which also put a smile on my face.

we went to target after dinner to get formula for reag,
but we ended up being in there for a lifetime.
surprise surprise.
i got two more pairs of my favorite sweatpants,
and convinced stac to get a pair too.
now we can both awe over how perfect they are, hah.

we also harrassed baby reag, as always.
the halloween stuff was out,
so we found it suitable to put a witch hat on her.
she wouldn't really cooperate for a picture, oh well.

we finally left target and came home.
played a little call of duty and just talked.

luckily, i don't have class tomorrow.
so - i get to hang out with them all day!
and i'll be sure to take pictures,
since i failed to do so today.


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