Wednesday, October 13, 2010


apparently, my teachers think i'm getting longer than a one day fall break..
because they've given me a week's worth of homework for over the weekend.

apparently, boys in utah aren't used to girls wearing camo, like in the south..
because i was told by roughly thirty boys today that they liked my camo shirt.

apparently, i didn't know my math as well as i thought i did..
because i sat in the testing center with that test for three freakin' hours.

apparently, the jason derulo, b.ob, iyaz, and auburn concert was amazing..
but i wouldn't know because i stayed home to study for a math test i sucked at.

apparently, i drove home from school today, because i'm here..
but my mind was obviously elsewhere and i don't remember it, AT ALL.

apparently, the majority of attractive boys at utah valley university are
1. babies (about to go on missions) 2. married 3. engaged 4. jerks.
and i say MAJORITY, because some come to mind that aren't any of those.

apparently, i work well when assignments are due in an hour..
because i just wrote an ethics and values paper in 40 minutes flat.

apparently, baby bieber is freestyling now too instead of just singing..
who would have thought. actually, i can't say i didn't expect it sooner or later.

apparently, one tree hill doesn't want me to watch their episodes..
since i'm in class mondays and it's almost impossible to find them online.

apparently, i'm too exhausted to be writing on here..
because i can't remember half the things i had thought of writing.

so, here's baby bieb's freestyling for y'all..
and i'm calling it a night now.


brittany said...

apparently, there is a reason you have been one of my best friends for countless years.

i regret not reading your blog until today.
my anthropology paper that is due in a couple of hours has taken the backseat to reading your blog.

k :) that is all for now.
love yah
keep it southern in untah.

mal blair said...

apparently, you have a super boring anthropology paper to write if MY blog came before it. haha..
i'm so glad that you're reading it now, though.

love you too!

brittany said...

utah* wow..

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