Tuesday, October 12, 2010

that's what i want.

(thanks random couple, in the picture i found off google, for letting me use y'alls precious picture to make me wish i had a boy even more and to add something to this plain post.)

this time of year makes me want a boy around..

i want a boy to:

- hold my hand while walking through a
corn maze and laughing because we keep getting stuck at dead ends.

- pick out pumpkins and carve them with me.

- wrap their arms around me and let me bury my face in their
shoulder when i'm too scared to go through the haunted house.

- have a matching couple's halloween costume with me.

- rake leaves with me and then make
a mess of them all over again by jumping into the big pile.

- sit at home on halloween night and pass out candy with me.

- to spend the day with me and watch all
the halloweentown movies one after another.

- sit by the fire and snuggle with me.

and sadly, i don't really have long to find this boy.
because october is already going by pretty fast!
so, i'd even settle for a boy just for this month. hah.


elise said...

Awh, now I want a boy too! October is such a good time for a boy. So is December.

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