Monday, October 18, 2010

family feud.

jace and i used to spend HOURS
playing family feud online together, back in alabama.
so, when he saw that they had an app for it
he was ecstatic and wanted me to get it.

it was on sale for $.99 instead of $4.99
this weekend, so i caved and got it.
(i NEVER buy apps, except for
organizers and stuff.. typical me, huh?)

long story short,
i've been playing it nonstop!

today, before my math class started,
i started to play it.
doug came in and asked what i was playing,
which led to me having him help me..
and before i knew it,
the whole class was shouting answers.

class bonding time, i tell you!

do any of y'all love family feud?
i hope i'm not the only one that's obsessed.


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