Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ten on tuesday.

1. back to my old schedule of physical therapy two days a week.
2. i finally ordered my halloween costume, it's reversible.. bomb, huh?
3. homework continually is placed on the last of my priorities.
4. i hid and scared my brother tonight, it was an absolute success.
5. everyone knows everyone, somehow.. it's too small of a world!
6. i found out one tree hill comes on on tuedays, yet i still missed it.
7. there's a new bbq place by my house.. mhm, makes me miss alabama.
8. i'm doing a project on tahiti.. now i REALLY want to go live there!
9. i have zero desire to go to school tomorrow.
10. it's getting cold.. which means my back, shoulder, and knee act up! ugh.

my thoughts are pretty jumbled and random,
sorry for that y'all..
i promise tomorrow will be worthwhile.


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