Tuesday, October 19, 2010

halloween weekend.

so, i've decided to go stay in logan
with my best friend for halloween weekend!

there's some thing called the howl
that we're going to saturday night..
it's apparently a big deal? hah.

but we need something to do friday night.

so, if by any chance you see my blog
and you're from logan or know someone who is,
and you know something going on.
thanks so much.


elise said...

The pumpkin walk opens friday night. It's by the elementary school and you walk around and look at all the things people make out of pumpkins. It sounded lame to me at first, but I've gone every year since because it really is so cool!
Or, if you're willing to drive a little outside of Logan, The Old Barn Theater is doing "The Murder Room" and I've heard that's really great.
That's all I know. Hope that helps!

mal blair said...

that pumpkin walk seems pretty neat! maybe we'll have to try it out.. thanks so much! :]

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