Saturday, October 23, 2010

oh, hackers.

let me say one thing to computer hackers,

like, honestly..
do you not have something better to do
than to hack into people's computers?

you could:
play hours of family feud online,
find funny videos on youtube,
stalk some people on facebook,
plan their months on google calendar,
look at the baseball and football stats,
check out the adorable clothes on modcloth
or things of that sort.

okay, maybe not..
because me and computer hackers
probably don't have the same interests..

but they could still
use their brainy computer skills for something positive
or find something online that does interest them.

hacking into poor innocent little
already overwhelmed college students' laptops
is NOT something i'd suggest.

i have two projects and four papers
that are due on monday,
but guess who is unable to do them
because some low-life with too much time
on their hands decided to tap into my computer
and not let me do anything
except cry in agony!

yours truly!

never in my life have i been so aggravated
and overly stressed out.

i'm about to have to take my laptop to
ageeko or three nerds and a mouse.
(tell me their names aren't preciously creative!)
and start over on my homework
using the madre's laptop.

this also means,
i probably won't blog until they fix it..
(not that very many of y'all care, haha.)
but for the few that do read my blog,
i'll think of wonderful things to blog about
once i get my dell back and living.

oh, and new to my wishlist
is a freaking macbook.
because i'm OVER computer problems.


Jennie Smithson said...

yuck :( that's stinks. I'm sorry.. ugh.. I cannot even imagine. I'd be so mad and crying and well, yep, all that you said. haha. sorry!! good luck.. /:

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