Wednesday, October 27, 2010

i don't understand

for y'all that didn't know.. this is the face "i don't understand" face.

i don't understand how i became accustomed to getting this  ridiculous look on my face every time i don't get something, but i have.. unfortunately.

that's not the point of this post, though! 
i don't understand some stuff, but maybe y'all can help me out!
i don't understand:

- the excitement over snow in october.. it's way too soon for me!

- why i facebook stalk certain people, when i always find things that upset me.

- anything my class has been learning this chapter in math.

- the random appearances that certain people make in my dreams.

- girls that run in sports bras and boy shorts when it's SNOWING!

- jersey shore! i have never watched it, nor will i.

- some teachers thought process when it comes to my homework load.

- why i like a boy that i obviously have no chance with.

- alabama fans! y'all were happy when y'all were #1, now let us be too.. gah.

- why i stressed over my last math test.. i ended up getting a 98.

- how i have yet to find a legit group of friends in utah, it's upsetting.

- the weather.. it's 28 degrees in utah, but 88 in alabama.

- people that don't procrastinate.. teach me your ways, please.

- how i got so lucky to have the greatest, best friend in the entire world.

- cam newton's amazing skills.. how is he so bomb?

- why people read my boring blog, but i'm SO glad that you do! :]


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