Monday, November 1, 2010

halloween eve

*to the tune of the twelve days of christmas*
on the thirtieth of october
my day consisted of:

twelve guys a grabbing,
eleven skanks a dancing,
ten shirtless boys,
nine i found waldos,
eight hours of sleeping ,
seven dwarfs a missing,
six kids a waiting,
five hours in heels,
four stores for shopping ,
three girls a freezing,
two boys a stalking,
and THE HOWL with my very best friend!

some of the numbers above are exaggerated,
both under and over,
just to make it fit to the song.

i didn't keep track of the number of guys that
felt it was appropriate to reach up my dress at the dance
and grab my butt, but it was ridiculous.

the number of skanks at the dance exceeds eleven,
that's for sure.
have a little class, girls..

ten shirtless boys sounds about right,
but oh how i wish there were more.

nine "i found waldos" sounds accurate,
i guess everyone wanted to be where's waldo.

eight hours of sleeping
is not so accurate.

seven dwarfs a missing,
because i was snow white..
okay, maybe it was a lame phrase.

when i say six kids a waiting,
i mean the six that was around us..
in reality, hundreds of kids were
waiting in 30 degree weather for an hour.

five hours in heels
was the worst idea ever.

four stores for shopping,
which we got done pretty fast..
we were proud of ourselves!

three girls a freezing
as we ran into walmart
for me to buy new stockings,
because i burnt a hole in mine.

two boys were stalking
me and c-o..
they followed us from store to store.
okay, not intentionally..
we don't think,
but it got pretty weird!

and THE HOWL with my very best friend!


Brett said...

your song was so cute. you are too creative! keep blogging! i read it everyday and LOVE it! hope you get some sleep soon! :)

mal blair said...

awww, thanks! :]

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