Monday, November 1, 2010

weekend getaway

after class friday,
i headed up to stay with c-o for the weekend.

for y'all that don't know,
c-o is my best friend.
she lived in alabama
and got relocated to utah too!

i was excited..
to say the least!

it was a nice little weekend.
i have no complaints,

walking around a muddy 17 acre
corn maze in heeled boots.

us looking pale in pictures for no reason.

not finding our future husbands at the howl..
i mean, if we can't get them in these costumes
then i think we're out of luck.

and lastly,
not getting to stay longer with my best friend.


elise said...

I am seriously impressed that you wore those shoes at the Howl! I had sandals on and my feet hurt so bad by the end of the night!

Also, I'm not sure the Howl is where you want to find your future husband. Unless you really want to marry a creepy zombie or a guy who wears nothing but tinfoil. :P

mal blair said...

haah, it was pretty painful! sandals would have been the way we should've gone.

& haaha, oh - i know! i realized that once i got there! i was just joking before we got there & saying i was going to find him at it. :]

elise said...

It definitely would be a really funny story to say you met your husband at the howl. So, it's almost a shame that you didn't! :P

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