Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hasta luego, thatch.

so, today -
elder thatcher pinkston
headed to the MTC!

he'll be preparing to serve in the dominican republic.

i didn't plan on getting to see thatch before he left,
but i ended up getting too, and i'm so glad i did!

sunday right before conference started,
i heard someone scream my name..
my first thoughts were,
"who is screaming in the conference center?
and it's my luck that the person they're screaming for has my name!"

since i know very few people in utah,
i thought i was safe!
so, i kind of glanced around to make sure it wasn't me
that the person was screaming for.

oh, but i wasn't so lucky.
the screaming was to get MY attention!
i glance down about 3 rows and see a boy waving in the air.
who was it?
yup, thatch!

i waved and slyly smiled, because i was in a mix of emotions;
1. i have random people giving me mean looks,
because he was screaming my name in the conference center.
2. i was super excited that i did get to see him before he left.

then he texted me saying he'd talk to me after the meeting.
so, we did.

whoever came up with giving missionaries handshakes was lame,
and they make taking pictures pretty awkward.
at least i think so,
because i don't usually stand ten feet away from people in pictures.
(okay, maybe that's a little exaggeration.. but still!)

the point of this was..
he left to the MTC, today!

i have NO doubt that he'll do amazingly in the dominican republic!
if you know thatch,
then you know he's the easiest person to get along with
and one of the most genuine friends you could ever ask for..
hands down.

so, my theory is that -
he'll be friends with those domincian republicans in minutes,
and he has such a strong testimony that they'll be members in days,
so, after two years.. there won't be anymore of them to convert!

okay, maybe that's a little hopeful thinking..
but i do know, he'll do great!

buena suerte y adiós, thatch.

(FYI: it was the highlight of my day to get to use spanish..
i feel like i wasted classes in high school for something i NEVER use.
so, i take the few opportunities i have to use the few things i know!)


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